A Mouthful of Metaphors …

Inspired by the Buck Institute facilitators: Jen Cruz, Erin Sanchez, and Andrew Miller

(created and edited by Shaelynn Farnsworth and Tim Hadley)

“My Advice for Those Educators Just Starting Out With PBL(Project Based Learning).”

-paralleling Ron Koertge’s poem “Do You Have Any Advice for Those of Us Just Starting Out?”

Give up sitting behind your desk. Get out there. Leave

your classroom or building. Go out into the world, and bring your students.

It’s all right to use food analogies. PBL is the main course, not the dessert.

The meat and potatoes of the lesson. Delectable steak, medium rare;

a slab of butter melting, dripping onto the new baby reds.

Avoid daily, traditional lecture. Let the lesson grow organically. Start

with the End in mind. Be wary of neatly packaged textbooks

promising hundreds of “proven examples”

they LIE.

Not surprisingly, students like to share and explain

their work. A public audience ups the stakes.

Surrounded by experts interested in

their deliverables.

Often teachers need to be opportunists.

Seizing upon one headline or one connection,

pushing students into the world around them

headlong into the throes of Living History.

The more relevant the project, the greater the purchase.

You, who are embarking on PBL, listen: reflecting on

your lessons, dark chocolate is sweet, sure, but fleeting.

It is that buttery, juicy steak that keeps you full.

Now get going!

(Nancy Movall and Tim Hadley on the last day)


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