Buck Institute: Lie, Cheat, and Steal

Guest Blogger – Tim Hadley ( @MrHadleyHistory), Social Science Instructor at Pekin High School

“I teach you to lie, cheat, and steal, and as soon as my back’s turned you wait in line?” -Dr. Gregory House, main character from House, M.D. This quote is used in the context of Dr. House scolding his colleagues for not taking every possible avenue to fulfill their hippocratic oath to heal the sick. The scene is not only one that can play out in any hospital, but could easily be transcribed to the classroom setting.
The Buck Institute, with the philosophy of Andrew Miller (@betamiller)  – “lie, cheat, and steal” has retooled this phrase to apply to educators. Espousing Project Based Learning, the Buck Institute is encouraging classroom leaders to use every opportunity to engage students in learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. By choosing to use Project Based Learning, online environments such as Iowa CoPi, are giving students the opportunity to interact with content as never before.
Dr. House has no problem with being willing to deviate from the norm to solve a patient’s condition. We as educators should not only wish for students to reach optimum engagement, we should be willing to make it a reality, with whatever means necessary. Project Based Learning serves as a vehicle to make this happen, will you be one to step up and drive?


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