An Introduction to IACoPi

The Iowa EdTech “Communities of Practice & Innovation” (CoPi) offers an unprecedented opportunity for passionate, innovative, and dedicated teachers to contribute to improving teaching and learning in Iowa. The CoPi is an ongoing year-long commitment that involves working with fellow teachers and specialists to implement and improve a new statewide “eCurriculum”. Participating teachers engage in continuous professional dialogue within the community to determine the eCurriculum’s strengths and to contribute to its improvement.
Never before have the transformative opportunities presented by technology, Iowa Core/Common Core, and emerging social networking tools allowed for the collective efforts of those most passionate to truly realize the potential of a systemic redesign of curriculum and educational practice in Iowa.
The Communities of Practice model offers educators a unique approach to professional development and growth. This ongoing, year-long professional opportunity offers committed teachers an exciting and challenging experience of being the first to implement a statewide eCurriculum. Implementing teachers will participate in a year long dialogue and discussion as to the merits and difficulties of moving to an online/digitally dense educational environment. As a result of this rich year long exchange of ideas, frustrations, and ultimate solutions, participating teachers will be contributing authors to the development and enhancement of an engaging, student centered, viable eCurriculum to be shared statewide, with the intent that a collective effort will bring our state closer to the promised potential of competency based, authentic and engaging learning experiences.


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